Introducing DAFNI’s DREAM TEAM

DAFNI Classic

The brush that took social media by storm allows you to achieve professional-looking results in 3 minutes.


DAFNI Go™ is the perfect portable hair-styling brush for women with a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle.

DAFNI Black™

DAFNI features the most advanced hair-care technologies and ensuring safe, easy and quick results, time after time.

DAFNI muse™

A NEW WAY TO STYLE AND CURL for both straight or natural curly hair

DAFNI allure™

DAFNI ALLURE is an innovative CORDLESS hair straightening brush, incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies, ensuring easy, quick and safer results.

Simply brush your hair to smooth and straighten it in minutes.

Try it out! You will love it!

Currently we have limited stock available. Kindly contact us to order a Dafni!

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